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2 Tonne Tow Tractor Tug

Part No: EW-ELT2
The EW-ELT2 2 tonne Electric Tow Tractor Tug has been designed for the safe, economical transportation of goods in line feed applications and offers safe and reliable operation coupled with flexible steering.
$9,850.00 excl GST

Air Plane Tug / Tug Tough

Part No: EW-TT-5000
Fitted with the same tiller control as the agile Tug Classic, the operator walks in front of the heavy load allowing maximum forward vision and eliminating the possibility of accidents when negotiating turns. The Tug Tough converts a difficult and often dangerous operation into an easy to move motorised assembly.
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Compact Electric Towing Tug 500kg

Part No: EW-Tug Compact
The Electrodrive tug Compact is a very helpful device for the industrial or commercial use,
$8,499.00 excl GST $7,900.00 excl GST

Electric Towing Tug 3500kg Tow Capacity

Part No: EW-Tug-Evo
The Tug EVO is very powerful machine you can lift up to 3.5 tones with the electric tow tug Evo safely.
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Electric Walkie Tow Tractor 1000 Kg Capacity

Part No: EW-EWTT-1000
Compact and Smart Design. The EW-EWTT-1000 is the entry into the electric tow- tractor environment. The smart and very compact design of the EW-EWTT-1000 allows easy pulling operations in lowduty applications on short distances.
$5,390.00 excl GST

Tow Tractor Tug 1500kg

Part No: EW-TT150
The EW-TT150 Tow Tractor Tug is a small yet deceptively powerful electric pulling device that is ideal for moving machinery, trailers or any large transportable item that is too heavy for movement by hand. Use of the EW-TT150 offers significant productivity gains in manufacturing and warehousing applications where its use greatly reduces the required man power and risk of injury when moving loads. Furthermore, its use greatly increases the speed and efficiency in which loads can be transported. With fingertip control, compact size, and ergonomic control handle, this Tow Tug/Tractor is easy to manoeuvre. The built in charger provides added convenience allowing a simple plug-in cord for easy recharging process.
$4,900.00 excl GST