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10 Tonne Crane Spreader Beam 4 Metres

Part No:NS-CSB10-4M
The NS-CSB 10x4 Crane Spreader Beam is 10 tonne capacity SWL and 4 metres in length to suit most applications.
$5,190.00 excl tax $4,840.00 excl tax

10 Tonne Crane Spreader Beam 7 Metres

Part No:NS-CSB10-7M
The NS-CSB-10-7M Crane Spreader Beam is 7 metres in length and has a huge 10 tonne SWL to suit any applications.
$9,890.00 excl tax $9,480.00 excl tax

2 Tonne Crane Spreader Beam 2 Metres

Part No:NS-CSB2-2M
The NS-CSB2-2m Crane Spreader Beam is 2 metres in length and 2 tonne SWL capacity to suit any application.
$2,690.00 excl tax $2,420.00 excl tax

3 Tonne Crane Spreader Beam 3 Metres

Part No:NS-CSB3-3M
The NS-CSB3-3M is 3 metres long and has 3 tonne capacity SWL and has adjustable lifting points.
$3,290.00 excl tax $2,930.00 excl tax

5 Tonne Crane Spreader Beam 4 Metres

Part No:NS-CSB5-4M
NS-CSB5-4M is a 5 tonne x 4 metre Crane Spreader Beam.
$4,390.00 excl tax $3,830.00 excl tax

Crane Spreader Beam 9000 Kg Capacity

Part No:NS-CFL-2439
The type NS-CFL-2439 Spreader Beam is a unique multitasking Beam which can be used by Crane or Forklift to lift long loads. Using a Crane, loads can be lifted via the centre single hook point (as a "Lifting Beam"), or end lifted using a 2 leg Chain Sling (as a ‘Spreader Beam’). If lifting by forklift, the 600mm long slipper pockets allow for fast and safe connection to the truck.
$2,320.00 excl tax